November 19, 2021

November Hometown Heroes

Meet our November Hometown Heroes, Becky Godbee, Center Director, and Carol Snyder, Assistant Director, at the Kid’s Country Learning Center in Canyon Park, Washington. They have been working together for over 20 years and have a combined 54 years with Kids’ Country!

Q: How would you describe your team?

A: “We are a dynamic team and believe what makes us click is how different we are and yet how much love and respect we have for each other’s individual qualities.”

Q: What makes you a good team?

A: Communication. “We try to meet each morning to discuss the game plan for the day and for the upcoming weeks. Respect: We have respect for each other’s job duties/responsibilities. Although we realize the importance of knowing each other’s job, we always have a clear picture of who does what. As the Program Supervisor, Carol is primarily in charge of staff, classroom management, training, curriculum, etc. My main focus as the Center Director is enrollment, parent communication, finances, etc. Expectations: As a team, we both put in 100% and don’t expect anything less from each other. We both work VERY hard, and the outcome shows in our center’s environment and overall atmosphere.”

Q: Which of the ELA core values resonates with you the most?

A: We emulate kindness and integrity with our words and our actions.

Q: What is one tip you have for other CD/AD teams?

A: “We never lose our sense of humor no matter what kind of a day we are having!!!”