Following the Leader: About Pansophic Learning

Early Learning Academy’s parent company, Pansophic Learning, is an education company that strives to provide students and educators exceptional learning solutions to maximize their success in both school and life—regardless of geographic, financial, or demographic circumstance. Pansophic has over a dozen Academies in its portfolio that incorporate the latest research on early brain development and unique early childhood needs. This knowledge flows down, allowing each Early Learning Academies’ Partner Center to utilize curriculum to meet each child’s needs.

We believe all children should have the opportunity and the support to become whatever they wish to be in life. With years of experience in the child care sector and ownership of an existing education platform, Pansophic is uniquely positioned to leverage its existing assets and provide a firm foundation for its myriad Academies and centers to provide care and education that routinely exceed early learning standards for quality.

On a Mission

Far more than just daycares, ELA Partner Centers are staffed by teams of professionals with decades of early learning experience who are super-powered to:

  • Embody the power of possibility for every student, caregiver, and family;
  • Equip all children toward social wellness, emotional maturity, and self-confidence;
  • Engage via positive, meaningful age-appropriate activities administered by experienced, committed education professionals; and
  • Empower children’s innate curiosity by weaving learning into every activity, every day.


A Foundational Belief

Our philosophy entails providing encouragement and exploration: We believe children grow and learn by interacting with the world around them. ELA fosters a lifelong love of learning through language, math, science, creative arts, motor skill development, independence, resiliency, and social mindfulness. Our cornerstones include:



ELA Partner Centers create unique learning environments for young minds. Our highly trained leadership team ensures that each professional educator receives the proper training to stay abreast of the latest developments in early childhood education. Our professionals then have the teaching tools necessary to better meet their charges’ educational needs while also offering such learning in a safe, fun, and imaginative setting.


ELA is proud to work closely with state and licensing authorities to ensure our teachers meet or exceed defined certifications and standards. Teachers also receive one-on-one professional training with managers, as well as health and safety training in terms of emergency preparedness, CPR, First Aid and the like. Further, our professionals have incorporated all salient Centers for Disease Control and local recommendations regarding COVID-19 protocol and procedures.


Undergoing regular observations and reviews, ELA maintains the highest level of quality and safety across our entire network of Partner Centers. And especially now, with COVID-19 and other public health considerations, we have strengthened our guidelines for the utmost in health and safety. Facilities are secured with protected entrances and exits; codes are used at the front door, families are notified quickly in emergencies; and facilities adhere to COVID-specific guidelines for cleaning, food prep, wellness checks and more.

Absolutely love this place! Teachers are wonderful and have actually worked there for years. Rooms are spacious and clean; environment is much different from other places I’ve seen. Montessori program is phenomenal. They seem to take pride in the fact that they know how important it is to have confidence in the place in which you entrust the most precious things in your life—your children. -Angela S., for Creative Playrooms Montessori and Child Care Centers