Group of happy children outside playing and blowing bubbles.

Strong Foundations for Lifelong Learning

Preschool children are playing with toy blocks and laughing together at a classroom table.

Imaginative Programming for Inspired Education

Teacher helping students with a painting project at a learning center.

Strong Foundations for Lifelong Learning

Welcome to Early Learning Academies!

We’re an established, expanding network of childcare centers serving all types of children, families, and communities across the United States. The ELA family of learning centers is focused wholly on laying a strong foundation for lifelong learning by providing high-quality, individualized, and nurturing early childhood education.

For decades, key research has suggested that affording young children the opportunity to learn, socialize, individuate, and identify their unique strengths and gifts in such early learning settings best prepares them to succeed later—in school (K-12) and in life. For ELA and its Partner Centers, we put that data into motion, supported and encouraged by experienced, inspired educators, toward our children’s greatest success.

Building Inclusive Futures
As the number of working families grows, so does the demand for learning experiences that engage and enrich the entire family unit. And as parents and caregivers are increasingly focused on early education versus daycare-only models, there’s been a shift in both consumer preferences and educational business opportunities. ELA invites you to look ahead, together—paving the way toward exciting educational partnerships.

“Early Learning Academies is here to deliver every child a joyful, caring, and engaging early education experience that will make a way to fulfill the promise of his or her life. We warmly welcome childcare centers into our community that put children first by enhancing their resources and opportunities while honoring the history and uniqueness of every center.”
Jane Delaney, Chief Operating Officer


Equipping Centers for Excellence

Becoming an ELA Partner Center offers so many benefits: a network of like-minded educators; access to early learning experts; key business services (in terms of operations, HR, marketing, and more); and robust support and training.

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