September 2, 2021

5 Tips for Involving Dads in the Customer Journey for Childcare

Justin Carroll-Allan, Marketing Manager

My wife and I had spent the months leading up to the birth of our first child devouring parenting books, podcasts, and courses, but we still felt woefully underprepared for all the decisions parents must make every day. Since we’re a team, we split the research necessary for each big decision, and one of the decisions that fell on my plate was finding the right childcare center.

When I looked up childcare providers in my area, it was clear from the ads I was served that I wasn’t the audience they were looking for. Dads didn’t seem to be factored into the customer journey.

Since millennial parents like me are much more Modern Family than Leave It to Beaver, it’s important that customer journeys reflect this. Parents these days are more likely to split duties, which means dads will take a more active role in decisions like childcare.

Here are some ways we can include dads in the childcare customer journey:

Communicate with Fathers

Take the time to learn fathers’ names, then use these names in your marketing material. This personal touch will help dads feel like they matter to you.  

Invite Dad to the Party

Be sure to include dads in activities like tours or open houses. This will help them feel less like third wheels or glorified babysitters and more like active participants in their child’s education.

Offer Activities for Both Parents

There’s an old misconception that fathers prefer dad-only activities, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Inviting both parents to activities such as picnics, tours, and graduations will help demonstrate that both parents are important.

Schedule Events After Work

This is big for any family with two working parents like ours. Scheduling tours and other events around parents’ working schedule makes it easier for both parents to make it.

Emphasize that Their Participation Matters

Positive reinforcement goes along way, especially for new dads. We often feel like we’re not doing enough, so being told that our participation matters can go a long way and can be the nudge needed to enroll.

Parenting has changed a lot over the years; it’s time childcare customer journeys reflect it.