May 13, 2022

Beyond Teacher Appreciation Week: 5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Teachers Year Round

Teacher Appreciation Week was a great opportunity to recognize and honor all the great teachers out there. This week of celebration is essential because it reminds educators of the important work they do, but it’s only one week. Teachers—especially early childhood educators—are passionately dedicated year round to help young learners thrive and grow.

It’s crucial for Center Directors to help inspire, rejuvenate, and celebrate teachers regularly to remind them that they’re appreciated. Here are five ways Center Directors can celebrate teachers all year.

  • Sweets and treats are always appreciated. Surprise teachers with a bag of gold-foiled goodies (Reese’s and Ferrero Rocher are great options) with a “golden ticket” with teachers’ names on them. These personalized treat bags show teachers that they are appreciated and provides them with the one thing we all need to survive: chocolate.
  • Sing their praises! When teachers do something well, shout it out. This can be done through personalized notes or by posting compliments on a bulletin board in the breakroom. Even a shout out on social media will be appreciated. It’s nice to receive applause publicly! It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture; the little touches are just as impactful.
  • Give the gift of giving. Make space for community outreach! Giving back to the community is a rewarding, rejuvenating experience. Organize a food drive, coat drive, or plan a group volunteer event for an organization in your neighborhood.
  • Surprise them with thoughtful care baskets. Teacher Appreciation Week isn’t the only time to give gifts! Surprise teachers with a self-care basket filled with bath bombs, flowers, and most importantly, chocolates. Ask parents to provide donations for these baskets—they will be happy to help. Random gifts are the best and feel the most meaningful!

Remember: little gestures of kindness go a long way.